Vanity Metrics #4

2020: "You’re doing great, even if it might not always feel that way".

Welcome to the new decade. This’ll be a short and sweet round-up of what you might have missed in the off-season, or whatever you call your holidays. Plus, one big story that’s underreported but important. Let’s get to it.

The Big Stuff


Influencer washing is now a thing.

  • Spending big cash to hire influencers, models, celebrities, and media to convey a message or create the illusion of truth isn’t exactly new. And it’s definitely not new for social campaigns in the last few years. But how is influencer washing different from run of the mill influencer marketing? Like greenwashing, influencer washing is a deliberate attempt by brands/entities to rejuvenate their reputations or promote products with dubious claims. And if some recent examples are any evidence, it isn’t a great tactic in the era of authenticity. For one…

  • Saudi Arabia, a country with a track record of serious human rights issues, has been spending billions of dollars on image rehab since the well-publicized killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That didn’t seem to matter to influencers and media who happily posted Fyre Festivalesqe images to social media around the recent MDLBeast Music Fest…

  • The alleged six-figure payments handed out to influencers and media outlets like Conde Nast was likely paid for by the Kingdom itself. The reactions have been negative, to say the least…

  • The problem is, nothing has actually been built. In fact, many of the stops the influencers are touting haven’t even been sited or confirmed or funded yet. Many have expressed concern that this is way too premature, that the current Ontario government, desperate for some positive press, is suggesting progress years ahead of where it actually is…

@kale_and_krunchies /Instagram (no longer appears in her timeline)

"It should be like, 'Hashtag, It may be happening, if all the stations that we're promising are approved, and we can secure the funding, and if another government doesn't scrap all our plans,'" - Josh Mattlow, Toronto City Councillor

  • Metrolinx declined to reveal how much it has spent so far on the campaign, which also includes influencers and tv personalities for the intercity GO Transit expansion and the almost complete Hurontario light rail line, despite requests from other politicians…

  • I’m sure this doesn’t bear repeating, but you can’t spend your way out of a bad situation. But while no single ad campaign has ever changed public perception (I Heart NY is a great example, and even that took years to catch on), this is something different. This is a mass media approach leveraging the distribution power of social platforms and personalities to collectively push a single message. And that should be seen as a double-edged sword. The upside: a powerful way to push a unified message across a broad spectrum of demographics has never been easier. The downside: bad actors or those with little regard for the truth have been given a big bullhorn in a place where fact-checking and thoughtful discourse is currently and sadly lacking. And all it takes is a lot of cash.

I love exploring neighbourhoods around Toronto, and Liberty Village is one of my favourites 🏙 I used to work in the area, and I adore all the great cafes and restaurants! Getting there will be so much easier with the @Metrolinx Ontario Line 🚈 It’s going to connect Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre through downtown, which means faster travel, more connections, and less crowding. Visit the link in my bio to learn more! #MXitsHappening #Ad
November 4, 2019

Bonus for your phonus: Check out The Toronto Star’s Ben Spurr on The Big Story Podcast talking about the rise of Influencers and Politics here!

The Small Stuff

  • TikTok parent company, ByteDance, is considering a sale of its US stake to help assuage fears of Chinese government involvement in the app through ByteDance. This accompanies the recent release of its first transparency report, which notes it did not receive any takedown requests from China (note: TikTok is not available in China).

  • New rules are also incoming regarding paid influencer ads pushing alcohol and diet supplements. Full statement from IG here

  • Still playing catchup with your podcast list? Worth adding is Episode 3 of Geekout with Matt Navarra, who sits down with Damian Collins, Chair of the UK Parliament’s DCMS committee (which oversees privacy and security on social in the country). Collins also appeared on Netflix’s The Great Hack, a frightening look at the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Listen here!

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