Vanity Metrics #6

Facebook rules elections, Instaupdates galore, and Twitter ends "Ratio'd"

A short recap of the cycle of bad press Facebook continues to rack up and shrug off, and a flurry of platform updates that have surfaced in the last three days. Let’s get to it.

The Big Stuff

Public domain image, 1898.

Facebook is having another bad week.

Ranjan Roy’s thinkpiece Facebook’s PR Feels Broken has been making the rounds this week, and for good reason. He suggests that since late 2018 (when Zuckerberg and Sanders appeared before congress), Facebook has shifted its media/communications stance from friendly to combative.

This story comes on the heels of the leaked memo from Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth (we mentioned him in Vanity Metrics #5), which acknowledges that Facebook will provide Donald Trump a good chance at reelection because his team spends the most money on the platform, and they have almost no rules and no fact-checking governing posts by political figures. They know they have that amount of unchecked power.

“As tempting as it is to use the tools available to us to change the outcome, I am confident we must never do that or we will become that which we fear. “ - Andrew “Boz” Bosworth

Side note: this is Bosworth’s 2nd cringe-worthy memo that’s leaked. In 2016, he suggested that Facebook’s grow-at-all-costs ethos was good, “any growth on Facebook is de facto good, even if it leads to people being harmed or killed.” The memo was widely denounced by Facebook senior staff.

This big leak was followed immediately by “Teen Voguegate”, which is a bizarre sponsored story fuck up so strange I’ll link to Gizmondo’s play-by-play.

At the risk of re-writing Ranjan’s piece, I’ll leave it at this: Facebook has, for over a decade, been very good at constructing a unified public image. A pretty picture painted on an iron curtain. No insider info, no leaks. That image has cracked, and some of the information oozing out isn’t great. One of the things that really gets me though is for a company with the size, the funds and the expertise of a small country, the handling of all this feels very amateurish.

The Small Stuff

  • Ad breaks are coming to podcasts on Spotify. Wider testing will be rolling out to Spotify Originals and podcasts exclusive to the platform, before expanding to its 500,000 podcast library. Spotify reported ad revenue of $189 million for ads in Q3 2019.

Fun fact: 79% of Canadians now subscribe to a music streaming service (paid or ad-supported). Estimated to grow to 91% (!) by the end of 2020.

  • Joke Twitter is a real thing, and it’s a wonderful take/takeoff on the general zeitgeist. Nathan Allebach traces the roots of Joke Twitter and outlines the Twitter sub-genre tree of life much better than I ever could.

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Bonus for your phonus

I’m jumping ahead a bit, but it’s worth it. This week Geekout with Matt Navarra returns with a great interview with Instagram’s Head of Product Vishal Shah. Shah spills the beans on how the like-hiding has been doing as well as big plans for 2020. Check it out here!

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